Friday, October 30, 2015

3 Open Houses this Sunday!

This Sunday the Rhonda Howlett Real Estate Team is holding 3 Open Houses!

Recently reduced in price,  604 North 22nd Street is a gorgeous home in the coveted Church Hill area.  Close to award-winning Alamo BBQ and minutes all the amenities downtown of Richmond while still offering the quaint neighborhood vibe Church Hill is known for.  The house has lots of natural light, two bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a spacious backyard.  Near historic Libby Hill Park!

Sunday 1 - 4pm, 604 N 22nd St. Richmond, VA 23223
A beautifully renovated home in Colonial Heights, 213 Battery Place offers brand new stainless steel appliances, a new 2-zoned HVAC system, energy efficient windows, a new roof and new hardwood and carpeted flooring throughout the home!  One downstairs bedroom and 3 additional bedrooms upstairs as well as 2.5 remodeled, modern bathrooms.  Lots of outdoor living space as well as a sunroom! 

Sunday 2 - 4pm 213 Battery Place, Colonial Heights, VA 23834

Also recently reduced in price, this home in Petersburg is move-in ready.  820 S Gillfield Drive is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath rancher with a brand new kitchen, windows, doors, hot water heater, HVAC system, gutters, and siding!  It's a great deal on a modernized home with beautiful mature landscaping.

Sunday 2 - 4pm, 820 Gillfield Drive, Petersburg, VA 23803

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Office Manager Position Available

     The Rhonda Howlett Team is looking for a full-time office manager!  We are a fun-loving, hard-working and BUSY group of people.  Our team is highly motivated and are dedicated to Service With a Thrill (S.W.A.T. Team!) because that's what we believe brings and keeps our clients back to us, and helps to further our awesome reputation.

We are looking for a highly motivated person with
-At least 2 years of real estate experience
-A real estate license
-knowledge of the MLS
-Great phone and interpersonal skills
-REIN experience is a plus!

Please message me for more info!

Hours would be 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday and two weekend days a month for open houses.

We offer a competitive salary with a bonus structure as well as referral fees!  Must work from Richmond office during the week.

Monday, October 19, 2015

September Charity: ReachCYCLES

In honor of the UCI Bike Race that came to Richmond this past September, I decided to make my Charity of the Month ReachCYCLES.  An organization started by James Howard (Pictured) to help children and veterans with disabilities find confidence and independence with specially designed bicycles for their needs.  It's a wonderful and growing organization!  For every Charity of the Month, I donate $100 from every closing and I'm proud to say I've had 7 closings this past September!  I'm looking forward to working with and donating to their cause in the future.  There's nothing like a child getting a new bike for the Holidays!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

S.W.A.T. Team Contest Winner!

I love holding contests within my team of Realtors!  It's incentive, rewarding and raises the bar for my already stellar team of professionals to be the best they can be.  Congrats to Matt Hovey on winning the Social Media award for most likes/posts/reposts and all around social media presence. So many homebuyers start their search online and it's so important to get your name out there!  Matt is also a forerunner for Rookie of the Year!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Richmond is Growing!

     Properties in up and coming neighborhoods like Manchester and Eastern Henrico have become popular first-time homebuyer destinations for young Richmonders.  You’ll find many neighborhoods where the newly grown-up generation of this city, —  those who used to be bartenders and waiters, hairdressers and folks-about-town— are now buying.  They’re the small business owners of Richmond.  The ones who have opened their own small restaurant, featuring the best homemade sausages.  Or a top of the line salon for men, because women shouldn’t have to be the only ones who enjoy looking nice.  

     They’ve opened up these businesses not far from where they live because they want to build up the neighborhoods they’ve already invested in.  Knowing that good service is worth the trip, and there’s nothing like seeking out new places in an old city.  

Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Open House Sunday!

     This Sunday, come out to see a couple of the best properties historic Church Hill has to offer!  From 2 pm - 4 pm visit:

604 N 22nd St
Richmond, VA 23223

106 N 27th St
Richmond, VA 23223

Also this Sunday from 2 pm - 4 pm, check out a gorgeous, move-in ready property in Petersburg!

820 S Gillfield Dr.
Petersburg, VA 23803

Virginia Leadership Academy Class of 2015

What an amazing week at the Virginia Association of Realtors convention! I graduated from the 2015 Leadership Academy with 18 of some of the most amazing agents I have ever met. We had an outstanding leader, Denise Hurst Ramey, who lead us through this journey. I have learned so much, and know that I will be a better agent, a better mentor, and a better leader for the realtors across the state that we represent. I am so thankful for this experience, and know that it has changed my career. Big thanks to Tonya Morrow for coming to watch me graduate! So excited about what the future holds!

Monday, October 5, 2015

As a Realtor it Helps to Organize Your Leads

     As a Realtor, it is part of my daily, weekly and monthly routine to stay organized and set goals. 
Staying organized can not only help you get more leads, but differentiate the serious ones from the casual ones.  If you've attended one of my Buyer Capture Presentations in the past you'll know that I, personally, keep a record of all of my leads in different categories.  This helps to prioritize those in most need of my services.  While they aren’t exactly categorized in this manner, a recent article by Randall Kaplan sums up why staying organized is so important for a realtor!

The Top 5 real estate websites combined now attract over 100 million visitors each month. That’s an astounding number, considering that in any given year, there are only about 5 million home sales in the U.S.

This means that 95 percent of the visitors to portal websites each month won’t be buying a home any time soon. Agents should focus their efforts on the 5 percent that are ready to buy.

How? Real estate agents can benefit from an online marketing strategy that recognizes that real estate web traffic can be broken down into three classes. Let’s call them Lookers, Loafers and Loyalists.

These are the “lookie-loos” of the Internet that make up the majority of monthly traffic on real estate websites. Lookers like to look at, with no intention of buying, houses. Some are window shoppers, who someday, when they have enough money for a down payment, will buy a home. Others are doing research: Looking to see what the neighbor’s house sold for down the street, what the price is of the one that just went on the market, or what a ‘guesstimator’ says their house is currently worth.

These are the great time wasters of real estate agents. As buyers, they love surfing the Internet to look at houses. They also show up at a real estate office, bringing a list of homes with them so an agent can take them around to see. They are also sellers, keeping tabs on real estate prices and always “thinking about” selling. However, both groups are fence sitters that seem to take forever to move off the fence.

Among the hundreds of millions of eyeballs that are looking at homes on the big portals every month, there are 5 million people that will buy a home this year and these are the ones agents need to reach. They are the Loyalists of real estate web traffic: ready and eager to buy a home this year, not next. Loyalists are the best kind of leads because they can quickly turn into a client, and if an agent has the right marketing program to attract Loyalists, these potential clients can be moved from one of the big portals directly to that agent.

How do agents secure the Loyalists while avoiding the Lookers and then put the Loafers on autopilot?

The key is to offer a service that only serious homebuyers want and one that can automate time-consuming tasks.

Don’t try to compete with the portals, instead give their best traffic, the Loyalists and the Loafers, the ones that have the greatest potential to transaction, something that the portals can’t offer.

At Listingbook, we have discovered that Loyalists want to “search like an agent.” They want to see all of the new properties listed for sale as soon as they come on the market. They want to see listing changes such as a price reduction or a home that is now pending sale immediately. Loyalists want to see sold property data and local sales trends.

Loafers want attention, so agents put them on a Listingbook account to let its automated lead nurturing systems do the heavy lifting. When the Loafers are eventually ready to buy, agents are able to see that shift in behavior inside their Listingbook accounts, as the Loafer becomes a Loyalist.

Offering Loyalists and Loafers benefits that move them off the public websites and keep them with local agents is the key. The agents that offer these potential clients features that they can’t get from public websites are the ones who will be successful in tapping into the 5 million website visitors that are ready to buy.